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  1. Sunder says:

    So, Manu. You propose to my daughter with your hand on her cheek. Hmmmmm.

    Okay, I can overlook that.

    Great website, great stories and looking forward to a great wedding.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Great website, and cute save-the-date cards! Best wishes.

  3. laura mano says:

    We got the super duper invite like this website! So beautiful and perfectly crafted in every little detail. You guys are so talented and the whole experience has been super duper enjoyable so far….and we can’t wait for the BIG BIG DAY!!!

  4. Amitha says:

    Hi Cute couple! I am very impressed with you motif and designs for your wedding. It’s such an awesome ideas. I hope we can also have the same designs for our wedding. I am getting married this October 2015. Hope you can create us to make something cute and beautiful website like yours.. Thank you. God bless and Wishing you all the best.

  5. Patricia says:

    I wrote a long message and think it was deleted..figures I’m so bad. Wish I had 1/100th the skill, knowledge and artistic ability you two do. You are so talented, and nice people to boot! You’re a great couple and i’m so glad you found one another. Your website is amazing and so fun to read. I wish you all these things–but remember sometimes dreams are ALL up to YOU!